Arizona Diamondbacks: $100 million in improvements needed at Chase Field

Posted at 9:13 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-23 21:57:28-04

New video and photos shed light on improvements needed inside Chase Field.

ABC15 obtained video of pipes bursting during an incident in June.

The Arizona Diamondbacks said the stadium needs about $100 million in improvements.

In a hearing on Friday, both sides met to determine an arbitration process so the lawsuit can move forward. However, neither could agree on a process.

The judge ordered both sides to meet again within two weeks to discuss. Another Superior Court Judge will act as the mediator.

"We've got a real problem with that stadium. We know it, they know it," said Diamondbacks attorney Leo Beus in court Friday. "We can't have this kind of delay. We haven't been at this a few weeks, we've been at this for years."

The Diamondbacks (who manage the facility) and MCSD (who owns Chase Field) have been debating the amount of work needed to be done and who is responsible for paying for years.

Problems with the stadium were recorded in an engineering study commissioned by MCSD in 2013.

On Friday, an attorney for MCSD said he is not concerned about the problems but believes the lawsuit is only about the D-Backs wanting to "shop around."

"There is no imminent danger in the stadium, nothing there is going to collapse," Gammage said.

Gammage said MCSD promises to do its annual $5 million in maintenance this off-season, but the D-backs said Chase Field needs more.

The D-backs want to start exploring options for a new stadium but according to the contract with MCSD that is not allowed.

D-backs filed this lawsuit in January.