Arizona court to rule on appeal in 'Baseline killer' case

Posted at 4:44 AM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 11:33:17-04

The Arizona Supreme Court rules Friday on the appeal of a Phoenix man sentenced to death and hundreds of years in prison for crimes that included killing nine people.

Mark Goudeau was convicted in 2010 of nine counts of first-degree murder and dozens of other felony charges stemming from attacks committed in 2005-2006 and blamed on the so-called "Baseline killer."

All but one victim were women who were sexually assaulted.

Goudeau said when sentenced that he "had nothing to do with those crimes."

Police named the series of killings and other crimes after Baseline Road in south Phoenix where many of the earliest attacks happened. Goudeau lived minutes away from many of the attack sites.

He previously served prison sentences for aggravated assault, armed robbery and kidnapping.