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Arcadia community concerned over string of thefts

Posted at 5:55 PM, Aug 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 01:25:29-04

Neighbors in a Phoenix community are on alert after several homes have been targeted by the same thieves over the last few days.

“We caught two people stealing our patio furniture,” said Kim. “Why? Why would people of this?"

A man and woman drove up to her house near 42nd Street and Osborn Road in the Arcadia community late Tuesday night and swiped her patio furniture from her front doorstep while her family slept inside.
“It’s definitely disconcerting, I mean, it’s creepy,” she said.
Altogether, Kim said they stole about $1,100 worth of property. 
“It took about half-an-hour to 45 minutes, and it looks like they took half of it, left and came back and took the other half,” Kim said. 
She took to the Nextdoor App to warn her neighbors and found out these two weren’t strangers to the neighborhood.
"They stole a great deal of cash and a computer from our car early evening…In fact, the day before had the exact same run in and caught them while they were trying to take things out of the truck...same description below trying to take her tools,” the post read. 
Several residents even snapped pics of what looks like the same SUV that drove up to Kim’s house on Tuesday. Described as a white GMC Yukon with chrome rims. 
The two are described as Hispanic, the woman with medium length black hair. She was wearing a green tank top and dark pants and has a tattoo on her lower back. The other is said to be a Hispanic male who was wearing a tank top and dark pants.
“For somebody to come by and help themselves, it’s frustrating; it’s angering,” she said.
Kim said she doesn’t expect to get her stuff back but hopes putting the photos of these two out there will help police catch these crooks before they get more daring.
“They’re willing to do it in the middle of the day.  What else are they willing to do and how far are they willing to go do it?” she said.
Kim filed a police report and is still waiting for the suspects to be caught.