Anti-discrimination campaign launches in Phoenix

Posted at 6:34 AM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 14:33:47-04

Phoenix, Arizona is open for business! Some Valley business owners say loose anti-discrimination laws can make the state seem a little closed off so they're taking action to change that with a new image campaign.

The "Open for Business" campaign is the brainchild of LGBT advocacy group One Community. It has recruited several businesses like GoDaddy, Barrio Café, KEO Marketing and others to put their names on 14 billboards that say things like 'Flavor doesn't discriminate, neither does Arizona', 'Technology doesn't discriminate...', or 'Safety doesn't discriminate...' depending on which business is advertising.

One Community President Angela Hughey says Arizona could be perceived as not being inclusive after making national political headlines with proposed laws such as SB1070 and the failed religious freedoms bill. Hughey says it's bad for business and this campaign aims to change that.

"If we want to be competitive and sustainable and attract and retain top talent, it's really important that we update our law and become a truly welcoming state," said Hughey.

She estimates 28 million eyes will be on these billboards as they stay up over the next eight weeks.

The billboards are part of the Unity Pledge which 2,200 Arizona businesses have signed, as well as 10,000 individuals making it the largest equality pledge in the nation.