Anti-Arpaio group throws 'retirement party' for the sheriff

Posted at 10:01 PM, Oct 22, 2016
He still holds his seat as Maricopa County sheriff, but a group wanting to see Sheriff Joe Arpaio go just threw him a retirement party.
The group, Bazta Arpaio, held a block party Saturday right outside MCSO headquarters.
“Arpaio has created this tone for our country — not just our county, of hate policies,” said Audisuy Alvarado, a field organizer with Bazta Arpaio.
She said about 500 people came together to mobilize people to vote against Arpaio.
Natalie Offiah traveled from Mississippi to be there because she said the cause spreads beyond Maricopa County.
“Some of the same sentiments that he (Arpaio) holds against immigrant communities — it’s sentiments that people hold across the nation and then use those ideas and those emotions to then oppress groups of people who don’t deserve to be treated that way,” Offiah said.
Protestors said they want people to take their frustrations to the polls.
Before the block party, the group canvassed the streets of Maricopa County and spoke with a lot of first time voters.
“A lot of folks who a lot of times were told that their votes don’t count and that their votes don’t matter, telling people this time let’s try it,” Offiah said.
With charges still pending for Arpaio for being in contempt of court, the group hopes the Sheriff’s days in office are numbered.
“It’s time for you to go. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re happy to see you leave, and we’re throwing you a party,” said China Medel, who traveled from North Carolina for the event and to canvass voters.