Air conditioner repair may not be as easy as advertised through warranty companies

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 23:51:19-04

With temperatures climbing and air conditioners breaking, some Valley residents say they are having trouble getting their home warranty companies to make repairs.

West Phoenix homeowner Ana Castro contacted ABC15 after she said she got the run-around from Select Home Warranty for nearly a week.  

When she first contacted the company last Wednesday, a technician was assigned to her, but she said the man failed to show up twice.  

Castro said customer service representatives refused to assign her to a different technician, leaving her and her three-year-old daughter overheated and frustrated.

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"It's Arizona," Castro said. "This is supposedly an emergency with this weather."

ABC15 took action, contacting Select Home Warranty and urging the New Jersey company to assign a new repair company immediately due to the dangerous heat. Ana received the new air conditioning repairman's name and phone number within minutes of ABC15's call. She now has an appointment for Thursday morning.

Let Joe Know has advice for people shopping for a home warranty company.

First, look at online reviews and complaints before buying coverage. Second, check with the Arizona Department of Insurance to make sure the warranty company is licensed to do business here. Finally, locate the company's headquarters and check for disciplinary action in that state.

If you have a grievance against your current home warranty provider, you can file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance or the Better Business Bureau.