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Ahwatukee couple wakes to thieves trying to steal SUV overnight

Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 01:53:14-04

Phoenix police are on the hunt for would-be car thieves after they tried to steal an SUV in Ahwatukee, but didn't get very far before crashing it into a wall down the street and taking off.

The incident happened early Thursday morning before 1 a.m. near 28th Street and Chandler Boulevard.  

Rachel Bullock says her family was sound asleep inside the house when her husband woke up to the sounds of tires screeching. He went outside to see Rachel's SUV was gone and jumped in his truck to go look for it, finding it moments later crashed into a wall at the end of the block.  

"When we found it it was buried here and still in drive," said owner Rachel Bullock. 

Surveillance cameras from a nearby neighbor caught the action as it unfolded.  

It appears to show one suspect take off on foot as the driver of the SUV peels out of the driveway and lands in the yard of the neighbor across the street, then putting it in drive and taking off.

"They didn't seem to be great drivers," said Bullock. "They peeled out in the rocks, they seemed to have lost control right at the start."

Tire tracks on the sidewalk and in their neighbor's yards showed where the SUV pummeled through trees and gravel, hopped the curve at the corner and then coming to a stop at the wall.  

"I thought there would be somebody in it, I thought there would be someone hurt. I -- that was my biggest fear...and then when I saw no one in it then I was mad," Bullock said. 

She filed a police report with Phoenix police, but there are no leads in this case. 

Bullock says her neighborhood is very quiet and this is a reminder to always be on the lookout no matter what.

"You should feel comfortable in your own neighborhood, you should feel comfortable with your neighbors but don't take anything for granted. Just keep your eyes open," she said.

Phoenix police also want to take this as an opportunity to remind people to never leave their cars keys or vehicles unlocked.