buttons.jpg Buttons: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A700151Photo by: AHS Fletcher.jpg Fletcher | 1 year old | 60lbs | ID# A4733540Photo by: MCACC scruffy and nugget.png Scruffy and Nugget: azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR kyra.jpg Kyra: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A702341Photo by: AHS Cheese.jpg Cheese | 2 years old | 60lbs | ID# A4687968Photo by: MCACC dwight.png Dwight: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR jakoda.png Jakoda: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR Cider.jpg Cider | 1 year old | 55lbs | ID# A4719141Photo by: MCACC dymitri.jpg Dymitri: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A684235Photo by: AHS Reina.jpg Reina | 1 year old | 58lbs | ID# A4705847Photo by: MCACC frankie.png Frankie: azsmalldog.org/adopt/Photo by: AZSDR Henley.png Henley: azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR Lion (2).jpg Lion | 7 years old | 84lbs | ID# A3973715Photo by: MCACC mickey.png Mickey: azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR Gabriel 703630.jpg Gabriel has a big personality stuffed into a small dog body. He is a total attention seeker... but in a good way! He craves attention and loves spending quality time with his favorite humans. He will happily soak up all the pets and scratches you can give him and even thank you with a big tail wag and a playful "ruff ruff". He also loves to play outdoors and go on lots of walks. Gabriel and ALL of his furry friends at the Arizona Humane Society have waived adoption fees for the rest of the month thanks to our friends at BISSELL Pet Foundation. Make an appointment to meet him today at azhumane.org/adopt.Photo by: AHS Golem.jpg Golem | 3 years old | 61lbs | ID# A4714403Photo by: MCACC ethan.png Ethan: azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR henry.png Henry: azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR moto.jpg Moto: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A700195Photo by: AHS