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Dusty Bottoms: by: AHS
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Champ is a senior gentleman who has learned to enjoy the finer things in life... like belly rubs and yummy treats! He is a 9-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Champ was adopted from the Arizona Humane Society when he was just a young pup, but sadly ended up back at the shelter after being found as a stray years later. Now, we're determined to find him the perfect home where he can get the love and attention he craves. Champ is a very playful, happy-go-lucky kind of dog who would love to have a backyard to play in with his new family. He is already housetrained. Champ is of the opinion that "dogs rule and cats drool" so he needs to go to a home without cats.Photo by: AHS
Mason: by: MCACC
Icewell: by: MCACC
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Kitty Boy: by: AHS
Bill: by: AZSDR
Jester - by: MCACC
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Romeo: by: AHS
Champ: by: AZSDR
Rocket: by: AZSDR
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Tundra: by: AHS
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Big Dipper: by: AZSDR
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Zucco: by: AHS
Snowball: by: AZSDR
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Pepper: by: AHS
Hugo: by: MCACC
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Rue: by: AHS
Potsie - by: MCACC
Roy- by: MCACC
Maude - by: MCACC