ABC15's one-on-one interview with Donald Trump

Posted at 9:59 AM, Jun 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 02:10:01-04

Arizona could become a battleground state this election, and although Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has had two meetings with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, he's still not getting his endorsement. 

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And that's apparently okay with Trump who says he doesn't really need Ducey's stamp of approval. 

In a one-on-one interview with ABC15's Steve Irvin, Trump praised Ducey but he said he understands why he wouldn't publicly endorse him. 

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"He's one of the Republicans who says he doesn't endorse you," Trump said. When asked if he thinks he needs Ducey's endorsement he said, "Some people can't endorse for political reasons, but he's a good guy." 

We've learned Ducey did attend the Trump fundraiser on Saturday prior to Trump's rally at the coliseum.

Ducey has said he'll work to put Arizona "in the Republican column" in November to defeat Hillary Clinton. 

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has been one of those rumored as a possible VP pick for Trump. When asked about her chances, Trump said he respected and liked her.

"I can tell you I have great respect for Jan. She was a great governor. A great person," Trump said. "I have a lot of respect for her and like her."

Trump did not answer a question asking if anyone from Arizona was on his short list of vice-presidential selections. He said he would announce his selection at the GOP convention in Cleveland next month.