AAWL announces puppy mill dogs ready to find their forever homes

Posted at 9:26 AM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-26 16:58:21-05

The Arizona Animal Welfare League is happy to announce that some of the puppies rescued from Missouri will be ready for adoption as early as Tuesday.

AAWL teamed up with a Colorado-based rescue group, National Mill Dog Rescue, to save 25 dogs from a puppy mill in Missouri, saying 21 of those saved had been strictly used for breeding, and had lived in cages all their lives.

The dogs, Yorkshire terriers and malteses, arrived in Arizona a couple of weeks ago and are being provided with complete medical care, dental, and grooming.

Although their journey has come to an end, many of them have a long road to be fully rehabilitated. The AAWL staff is helping to settle them in by giving them ‘gentle loving care’ and introducing them to socialization, in hopes they will be able to trust humans again.

"Many of these dogs have never even walked on grass before," says Judith Gardner, president and CEO of AAWL. "They will need to learn how to be a dog for the first time in their lives, because many breeders keep them in wire cages without interaction with any other animals - except to mate. Most of them have never had any veterinary care or socialization with people. Yet, their little souls come alive after they learn they can trust humans to provide them with loving care. It takes a special person to adopt a mill dog - someone who has patience and loads of compassion and is willing to put in the time to let them adjust to a new and safe life."

Please visit the AAWL website to see the available dogs for adoption and learn how to meet your next potential family member.

You can also donate to this specific group of rescued puppy mill dogs.