5 things we learned about Elizabeth Johnson

Posted at 9:42 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 00:42:34-04

A court official ruled Thursday that Elizabeth Johnson will have to serve 20 days in county jail and wear a GPS device for violating her probation.

Johnson admitted to traveling from her home in New Mexico to Arizona to visit a friend she met in prison, but said she is "working on becoming a better person."

As she and her lawyer were speaking to the Maricopa County Court Commissioner, we learned five more things about the now-29-year-old.

1. Extradition restitution

It's not a first class ticket, but it's bound to be pricey. Johnson has to pay the cost of her ride from New Mexico to Arizona in the back of a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office van. The court did not have an immediate calculation of those extradition charges.

2. Elizabeth Johnson wants to sell you your next new car

A New Mexico dealership hired the ex-con to sell cars and trucks. The employer is holding a job for Johnson, according to her defense attorney Marc Victor. She's also taking online college classes.

3. Elizabeth Johnson is getting an ankle bracelet

Since Johnson violated probation out of Maricopa County, she must live here after being released from jail while she reapplies for the privilege of serving probation out of state.  She could be moving to a neighborhood near you, and the court commissioner has ordered a GPS monitoring device to ensure she doesn't sneak off.

4. Elizabeth Johnson needs a therapist

She reported to the court she started seeing her current mental health counselor in July. Since then, Johnson said she has "overcome a lot of personal issues." Johnson says the therapist makes a monthly report to her probation officer in New Mexico.

5. Wedding bells

Johnson's new husband has offered to move to Arizona to temporarily support her. They married in December, which surprised her probation officer. The prosecution said the husband has a family ranch in New Mexico and no criminal history, but officials "would investigate the husband anew to see if it is an appropriate placement."  Johnson's attorney would not comment on whether the couple plans to have kids.