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3-year-old Mesa boy goes into coma after suffering from the croup

Posted at 5:17 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 23:43:39-05

PHOENIX — In a matter of two days, a healthy 3-year-old named Kayden went from dancing, laughing and being full of energy to being bedridden and in a coma.

Kayden's mom and dad say what began as croup, ultimately left him in a coma

"Well it's a very hard season to be in now, you know - Thanksgiving and Christmas - that's all family-related and oriented. Now our family isn't complete right now because we have Kayden who is missing. I mean he's there but he's a lifeless body in a hospital bed right now," says Toni-Lynn Noe, Kayden's mother.

Toni-Lynn and Kayden's dad, Kyle, are numb from watching their little boy go from being healthy to being in a coma. "He was a very healthy boy I mean he was in so many activities, sports, hockey, gymnastics, dance, swimming," says Kyle.

"Doctors have all said that he will, more than likely, never wake up let alone walk, talk or be Kayden again," says Toni-Lynn.

It all started back on November 1 when Kayden was diagnosed as being sick with the croup.

"The hospital decided to decrease the oxygen from 100 percent to 40 percent in a matter of hours and that brought him to respiratory distress again and from there within an hour he needed to be intubated and during that process his oxygen levels were in single-digit levels and his heart level was right behind that," adds Toni-Lynn.

"We were trick or treating and two days later he's in a coma," says Kyle.

Kayden was first brought to Cardon's Children's Hospital in Mesa on November 2. In a matter of 10 minutes she says, the lack of oxygen broke down his brain function. "The lack of oxygen caused that brain injury to his entire brain," she adds.

On November 18, Kayden's parents transferred him to Phoenix Children's, but the prognosis remained the same. "Doctors at Cardon Children's and now at Phoenix Children's- they both say that Kayden is a lost cause at this point," adds his mother.

There is one place that seems promising to the Noe family - a facility in New Orleans is offering hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The transport alone has a price tag of $20,000 and Kayden will need a medical helicopter to take him there.

"I'm hoping that people can see Kayden and find room in their heart to be generous to help us for Kayden's sake," says Toni-Lynn.

"We don't have our little boy that is happy and running around saying, 'I love you momma. I love you dadda. Let's play,' so this time of year is hard for us. We need to be strong for him because he needs us right now," says Toni-Lynn.

If you would like to help Kayden and his family, please visit their Facebook page.