ASU grad creates wearable A/C system

Posted at 8:31 AM, Apr 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-03 00:01:41-04

When it comes to Arizona summers we know the key to survival is air conditioning in your car and in your house, but now there's A/C you can wear!

It's called MiClimate -- a belt with air vents that cool or even heat your body in just seconds.

It's battery-powered and about the size of an iPad mini.

The inventor is an ASU grad who's using navy-patented technology.

He came up with the idea while he was sweating it out on a golf course and later created the prototype.

“Anything you are doing outside. You're doing gardening, you're going cycling, you're doing sports, fishing. You name it,” said doctor Pankaj Sinha, CEO of MiClimate.

Dr. Sinha says the potential reaches far beyond athletes and could be used by construction workers, first responders who work in extreme temperature conditions, even seniors who are sensitive to hot or cold weather. He even added a battery plug-in for motorcyclists figuring they’d be able to keep cool under those thick leather jackets or warm on winter nights.

When the final product is finished you'll also be able to control the MiClimate with your phone.

You can pre-order them online. The belts are expected to be ready by Christmas.