Story over slur prompts school yearbook change

Posted at 5:02 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-07 07:46:44-04

A January photo showing six Desert Vista High School students spelling out a racial slur is making news again after the incident made its way into the school yearbook.

The yearbook article details the fallout after a photo of six girls spelling out the "n-word" was shared on social media, sparking an online firestorm and throwing the school into a debate over racism in the community.

The story includes steps the school took to educate the students, including challenges and presentations.

Some parents and students say the incident should not have been detailed in the yearbook, prompting a move by the school to have the pages glued together for those who don't want it included. Students with glued pages have the option of trading it back in for an "unglued" version. 

A spokesperson for the Tempe Union High School District told ABC15 the school is taking the time to respond to parents and students who express concerns during the "emotional time."

"The school is listening to the perspectives of students and parents as it relates to the yearbook and want all of them to have a positive experience," spokeswoman Jill Hanks said. "Out of respect for those who want the pages to remain, and those who do not, the decision was made to allow students a choice in whether they want a book with the pages showing or without."