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Odd smell in Ahwatukee has many residents concerned about their health

Posted at 10:49 PM, Nov 21, 2017

Something stinks in Ahwatukee; a smell so rancid it's making some people sick, and they don't know what it is. 

Several Ahwatukee residents called ABC15 hoping we could look into the situation and uncover the source of the stench. 

"It comes in waves for hours and hours," said Cynthia Garcia, a resident of Ahwatukee who lives near 40th street and Pecos Road. "It's actually starting to make us feel physically nauseous because the smell is so strong."

Other neighbors reported smelling the stink as far west as 24th Street, and all the way to 48th Street to the east between Pecos Road and Chandler Boulevard.

Residents said it usually peaks overnight and into the morning. 

"Sewer gas," said one Ahwatukee resident, describing the smell while on a neighborhood stroll. 

"Sulfer, sewage...maybe even gas," said Garcia. 

ABC15 contacted the City of Phoenix water services. On our request they sent somebody out to check several manhole covers, and the sewage pump station at 48th Street and Pecos.  

Phoenix said there's nothing wrong. 

We also checked with ADOT to see if it could be related to construction on the Loop 202 extension.

ADOT said it wasn't. 

"My concern is that it's a gas, and that it's starting to affect our health because it's been going on for about six months," said Garcia. 

Southwest Gas does have a line running through that area and SRP is working on a project nearby as well.

ABC15 reached out to both companies, but has yet to get a response as of this report.