Ahwatukee residents seeing high water bills

Posted at 10:55 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 13:43:08-04

"Yeah not only our bill but neighbors have complained excessive, two three times as much as normal," Reinaldo Machado said of his recent water bill problems. 

He's watched his meter. He's checked for leaks. He says there is no explanation for his high water bill.

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"The May and June bills are around $40 to $60 and now we're up to like $130." 

He calls this a mystery. 

A few doors down, there's some more confusion. 

Maureen Fanning is baffled by her bill as well. 

"They basically can't give me an answer for this they said it's your usage."

A small park nearby also racked up a bill of over $6,000. The meter tracking nearly 1 million gallons used. But the HOA president of the neighborhood Steve Maolis says that's not possible. 

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"There is nothing, nothing that could account for that much water." 

ABC15 found dozens of people seeing a significant spike in usage and cost. 

City officials told us things look normal on their end. 

"Based on that data, the preliminary data, there is no large spike in water consumption and that monthly, that water consumption is very consistent from month to month," Deputy Water Services Director Jim Swanson said. 

The water department's only advice was to check for leaks and take into account the hot summer months, but neighbors aren't settling for that answer. 

"I think they've got some engineering investigation to do and I think they should act like they are supplies and we are customers," Machado said. "That would be really nice."

The neighbors will be meeting with the city later in the week in hopes of getting the situation fixed.