bianca.jpg Pumpkin Spice Latte season is officially here and if you're looking for a buddy to accompany you on your Starbucks run, Bianca is the dog for youl! This sweet Schnauzer mix absolutely loves going through the drive-thru and ordering her own "puppuchino". One of AHS' amazing volunteers actually treated her to a special field trip to pick one up recently. She was in heaven when they handed her the cup filled with whipped cream! Bianca has definitely earned a little extra spoiling. She was rescued by AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ from an overcrowded backyard. She was understandably nervous when she first came to AHS but has since come out of her shell. She's already learned to walk on a leash and "sit". Bianca is a very smart girl and she's eager to learn more new tricks... in exchange for some yummy treats of course. She would thrive with a family who will give her lots of love and be patient with her as she continues to learn. Learn more about Bianca and make an appointment to meet her at by: AHS emmit.jpg Emmit: by: AHS fievel.jpg Fievel: by: AHS hashbrown hue.jpg Hashbrown Hue: by: AHS muppet.jpg Muppet: by: AHS carol.png Carol - by: AZSDR honey bear.jpg Honey Bear: by: AHS monica marvels.jpg Monica Marvels: by: AHS sampson.png Sampson - by: AZSDR bunfree.png Bunfree - by: AHS elmer.png Elmer - by: AZSDR buddy boy.png Buddy Boy - by: AHS lindo lilly.png Lindo and Lilly - by: AHS nkotb.png New Kid On The Block - by: AZSDR myrtle.png Myrtle - by: AHS mary kate.png Mary Kate - by: AHS xoey.png Xoey - by: AHS dewdrop.png Dewdrop - by: AHS stevie licks.png Stevie Licks - by: Stevie Licks