spirit.jpg Spirit: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A687694Photo by: AHS dwight.png Dwight: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR amanda.jpg Amanda: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A687217Photo by: AHS stewie.jpg Stewie: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4613043Photo by: MCACC louie.jpg Louie: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A685847Photo by: AHS jester.jpg Jester - https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4660872Photo by: MCACC pete.jpg Pete: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A687624Photo by: AHS jakoda.png Jakoda: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR joey.png Joey: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR parkour.jpg Parkour: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4686329Photo by: MCACC potsie.jpg Potsie - https://bit.ly/3DPIFRMPhoto by: MCACC Bella Rose 681444.jpg Bella Rose is pretty much the biggest couch potato we've ever met. And she's got the curves to prove it. This sweet American Pit Bull Terrier mix is a whopping 73 pounds. But, that just means there's more of her to love right? While Bella Rose may enjoy lounging around, her friends here at the Arizona Humane Society would love to find her a home with someone who will motivate her to get active with a few walks around the block. She does have a medical disclosure for obesity. Bella Rose is 7 years old. She can be bashful or shy when she meets new people, but just give this chunky girl a scratch on her chest and she'll be your friend for life! Learn more about Bella Rose and make an appointment to meet her at www.azhumane.org/adoptPhoto by: AHS hugo.jpg Hugo: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4672302Photo by: MCACC icewell.jpg Icewell: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4685434Photo by: MCACC zeus.jpg Zeus: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A678117Photo by: AHS bombom.jpg Bombom: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4669438Photo by: MCACC charlie solobino.png Charlie Solobino: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR juno.jpg Juno: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4678812Photo by: MCACC lil bo peep.jpg Lil Bo-Peep: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4681499Photo by: MCACC patches.jpg Patches: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4682771Photo by: MCACC