emmy.jpg Emmy: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A687127Photo by: AHS joleen.jpg Joleen: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4680973Photo by: MCACC Caramel Swirl 669647.jpg If you are looking for a running buddy, Carmel Swirl is your girl! Her friends describe this playful pup as "a bundle of energy filled with love". Carmel Swirl is a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who loves to run and play. She would love to find a home with an active family who can take her on hikes and other adventures. A house with a big yard would be a dream come true for her! In addition to loving her human friends, Carmel Swirl also loves to play with other dogs. She made fast friends with several dogs at the Arizona Humane Society and matches play styles to her companions as well. She needs to meet any dogs or children in her new family so we can make sure it's the perfect match before sending her home. She needs to go to a home without cats or small mammals. If you're interested in adopting Caramel Swirl, visit azhumane.org/adopt to make an appointment today.Photo by: AHS neron.jpg Neron: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A685501Photo by: AHS baxter.jpg Baxter - A4613960 - NEUTERED MALE BLUE/WHITE AM PIT BULL TER - about 6 years old. WEST KENNEL, WING S - 325. Call 602-506-7387 for more information.Photo by: MCACC lola.jpg Lola: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A674539Photo by: AHS dwight.png Dwight: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR jasper.jpg Jasper: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A682007Photo by: AHS jester.jpg Jester - https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4660872Photo by: MCACC bombom.jpg Bombom: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4669438Photo by: MCACC parkour.jpg Parkour: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4686329Photo by: MCACC arlo.jpg Arlo: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A688015Photo by: AHS walrus.jpg Walrus - https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4636763Photo by: MCACC Cricket.jpg Cricket: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4664572Photo by: MCACC meatloaf.jpg Meatloaf: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A687889Photo by: AHS blueberry.jpg Blueberry: https://apps.pets.maricopa.gov/adoptablepets/DetailPage.aspx?RecordLocator=A4655678Photo by: MCACC jakoda.png Jakoda: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR royce.png Royce: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR blue.png Blue: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR julip.jpg Julip - A4602399 - SPAYED FEMALE BLACK/WHITE AM PIT BULL TER/MIX - about 5 years old. WEST KENNEL, WING L - 354. Call 602-506-7387 for more information.Photo by: MCACC