Yavapai County officials warning residents who lived near Goodwin Fire of possible weekend flooding

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 08:19:14-04
Officials in Yavapai County are warning residents to be on alert over the weekend as heavy rains are forecasted for the areas affected by the Goodwin Fire.
Emily Waddle's house in Mayer is built to stay dry in a 100-year flood, but she's worried that may not be good enough.
"The last couple days, they were saying there's going to be a 1,000 year flood," Waddle said.
Big Bug Creek, next to her house, could swell in seconds, dragging whole trees downstream.
"It's supposed to rise above this bridge," Waddle said.
Emergency managers say some people living near Mayer have to drive across several washes to reach a main road. If those flood, they could be cut off completely.
"Everybody should be concerned," said Dave Desjadon, Yavapai County's flood warning specialist, said.
The Goodwin Fire burned in steep canyons vegetation, which makes a perfect scenario for flash floods. 
Desjadon was checking gauges and holding emergency planning meetings Friday. He urges everyone to head the flash flood warnings.
"Don't go out and stand by the edge of the creek to see what's happening because water can come up and wash them away," Desjadon said.