Woman's cabin survives flames from Goodwin Fire

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-04 15:32:14-04

Imagine what went through Margie Lucas-Voegelin's head, from more than 60 miles away she watched helplessly as fire crews battled the flames, as retardant rained from the sky, and amidst it all a glimpse into the destruction.

"I was watching all week every day just to hear the news and I thought after watching the fire on the news our place was gone."

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Her place is a small cabin on just three and a half acres of lands; she and her husband have owned the property in Pine Flat since 2000. In nearly two decades, the threat of flames has never come this close to their front door.

"We really didn't know until yesterday that our place survived," she said. "It didn't burn."

The images are staggering, in the wake of the Goodwin Fire, her cabin was untouched. You can see bright orange retardant that turned the flames around contrasting so heavily with the jet black ashes just feet from their cabin.

"Everything is red but a little slimy I guess but that stuff will wash off."

Not only is she preparing to return to her cabin, she'll be thanking each firefighter she meets.

"God bless them for the hard work that they did."