VIDEO: Fireworks explode on ground during July 4th show in Parker, firefighter injured

Posted at 5:05 AM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 00:46:17-04

An Independence Day fireworks show in western Arizona turned dangerous when some of them exploded on the ground in front spectators and injured a firefighter. 

Residents in Parker, Ariz. gathered in the Four Corners area on July 4th to enjoy the fireworks show, but as seen in several viewer videos, the festivities quickly went awry. 

Shortly into the show at Four Corners, multiple fireworks failed to go airborne and instead exploded outward. 

Officials say due to the perimeter maintained by the Colorado River Indian Reservation firefighters, no injuries were sustained by any bystanders. 

One woman who was in the front row with her boyfriend told ABC15 the rest of the show was canceled right after the explosions. Fortunately, they weren't injured. 

"After tonight, I want nothing to do with fireworks, nor will I ever be in the front row for the show again," she said. A friend of hers also at the show said he found embers next to his truck.

Officials say one firework was defective and did not completely discharge. That's when fire crew members secured the other fireworks, and one canister of fireworks was open while other firefighters lit the remaining fireworks. However, the canister was not fully secured and did ignite which resulted in injuries to one firefighter.

The firefighter is expected to fully recover, but has third-degree burns and will require surgery, according to family members. 

A GoFundMe accounthas been set up for the firefighter where loved ones identify him as Julio Gonzalez. 

The fire department did decide to cancel the rest of the show.