Flagstaff officer resigns after video of him punching woman surfaces

Posted at 5:06 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 13:42:07-05

A Flagstaff police officer who was caught on camera punching a woman in the face has resigned before being terminated by the department.

According to officials, Officer Jeff Bonar committed six policy violations when he was recorded punching a woman in the face with a closed fist. Most of the policy violations are in regard to the officer using excessive force, but another violation was regarding the officer's body camera, which was not on during the actual altercation with the woman. 

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Officials said the officer was set to be terminated and was supposed to meet with officials on Wednesday to talk about the termination, however, he called in at 9:30 a.m. to resign from the department.  

Police said there are no standing charges against the woman. They said better choices could have been made by both parties. However, the officer held the majority of the blame for the physical altercation.    

Marissa Morris, 30, said she was punched by Bonar in the Nov. 16 incident and the video was taken by her boyfriend's brother-in-law. Morris has denied a claim by Bonar that she kicked and kneed him in the groin before he threw the punch. The incident occurred as Morris and her boyfriend were being evicted. 

Separate investigations were launched into the incident.    

Authorities said the investigation into the former Flagstaff police officer has been completed and been forwarded to county prosecutors for review. The Coconino County Attorney's Office has referred the case against Bonar to Mohave County prosecutors to make the final charging decision.

However, at this time, there are no charges against the officer. 

The officer was immediately suspended by the police department after the video surfaced and had been on paid administrative leave while police internal affairs and criminal investigations were conducted.