Authorities warning Flagstaff residents about false letter threatening deportation

Flagstaff Police Department
Posted at 2:59 PM, Aug 26, 2017

Authorities are warning Flagstaff residents about a false deportation letter being sent to people based on their race or ethnicity.

The letter is said to be sent from the Legal Americans Surveillance Citizens Project and alleges that state officers are being deputized as official Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, according to the Flagstaff Police Department.

FPD says the letter is fake and they will not be performing general “roundups” of undocumented persons. The department also said that no officers have been deputized as ICE officers.

The letter was sent to at least one Flagstaff resident so far, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said. The letter begins with “Attention to all un-documented (sic)/illegal residents.”

Anyone who receives this letter, or one similar to it, is urged to contact CCSO at 928-774-4523 or Silent Witness at 928-774-6111.