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Flagstaff gets first snowfall of the season

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Posted at 3:17 PM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 20:21:39-04

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — The high country got its first snowfall of the season and folks couldn’t be more excited.

The early storm brought in lightning and thunder late Monday night.

That was followed by rain, sleet, and finally some fresh powder.

Garrett Widner moved to Flagstaff a few months ago and says he was surprised to see snow this early in the season.

“No, I wasn’t expecting it. This is nuts. It’s’ll just on a dime it’ll just completely change, so it’s kind of exciting,” he told ABC15.

Widner says this is also the first time he has ever had to shovel snow, but seeing the fresh powder made it all worthwhile.

“I love it. It’s cold, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s invigorating. Which in Phoenix you’re like, eh all the time, you know? But this is crisp. It’s new, yeah I like it,” he said.

Samantha Griesinger goes to Northern Arizona University and says she and her roommate were ready for the snow.

“It’s going to snow. I’m setting my alarm for 3 a.m., I’m going to go see the snow,” she said.

That’s exactly what she did on Tuesday, with her dog Koda who also dressed for the occasion.

Koda had a rain jacket and booties on.

Bill and Lisa Ring have lived in Flagstaff for 30 years. They say while it came in early, a little cold never hurt anybody.

“Well, it’s cold and unusual for us in the middle of October to see the first snowfall, but we’re really excited for it. It brings a whole new season to Flagstaff,” Bill told ABC15.

Folks with the Public Works Department in Flagstaff were hard at work clearing the roads.

Scott Overton, the director of the department, says the storm came as a reminder to drivers that ice is on the roadway.

“We did deploy six snowplows with spreader boxes this morning. Again, it was more ice control and minor slip-off areas,” Overton said.

As for the beautiful fall leaves, quite a few managed to cling on.

“You know, autumn was here for about a week, and we had beautiful leaves, but yeah I think that little wind and last blast of cold might have really shortened up our autumn season,” added Overton.

Whether it looks like autumn or winter, Lisa Ring tells us you should bundle up if you come to Flagstaff because temperatures will likely stay cold for a while.

“Bring your winter wardrobe and it doesn’t matter if you look a little nerdy. You want to stay warm. So, bring your hats, gloves, and big jackets,” she said.

Overton also recommends you be extra careful while driving.

He says it’s important to slow down and maintain your distance if there's rain and snow on the roads.