Victims of accused con man explain his M.O.

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 22:36:38-04

Victims of a man targeting Valley women say Daylon Pierce knew what to say.

"He has a great personality," said one woman who says she met Pierce online.

Which is why this alleged con artist was so believable.

But he had a seedy past. Pierce is a convicted felon who was out and now targeting woman.

"He is very charming and he knows how to scam women," the woman said. ABC15 chose to not identify her because she lives in the Valley.

He meets his targets on online dating sites. By the time he gets to the first day, he is ready to get down to business.

"He just searches for someone with a good credit score," the woman said.

"He started asking me questions about my credit , can I buy a house and car?" said Tara DeGrazia, another victim.

The women say once Pierce sees that his target qualifies, he tries to sweet talk them into a deal.

"He says he makes a profit out of it and gives you half of it. And that is how you get suckered in," DeGrazia said.

DeGrazia says he conned her, promising her investment would pay off her student loans. He asked her to invest in his business, Credit Investment Company.

"I had just gotten a divorce, I was vulnerable and he "wowed" me," said DeGrazia. 

He eventually got her to by him a car, a motorcycle and a computer.

"He was paying me for 4 months and the money stopped. And I was stuck holding the bag," said DeGrazia.

As she shares her story, she knows how it sounds.

"Saying it out loud, it is so embarassing. I'm ashamed. He took my life away from me," said DeGrazia.

That's why she is speaking out. She has even created a Facebook page to warn others. His victims are hoping news of his con and his mug shot will be something the ladies remember if he tries to hit them up for a date.

"I'd like to put his face all over the place," she said.

The FBI is handling this case and they are asking for more victims to come forward.