Family heirlooms stolen from Valley woman's car

Posted at 9:32 PM, Dec 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-29 00:42:12-05

A Scottsdale woman is making a public plea to whoever broke into her car over the holiday weekend, taking irreplaceable family photographs.

Suzanne McCain called police once she noticed her laptop was missing from her car. She was in the process of moving into the Optima Camelview Village across from Fashion Square and left a few boxes in her car.

“They got all my personal documents with my Social Security number, routing numbers and medical documents,” said McCain.

She says she’s not really that upset about those documents being in the wrong hands. McCain just wants the family heirlooms and photographs that were in the trunk of her SUV.

“There were antique books that were passed down to me. I don’t think they had that much value, but they were valuable to me,” said McCain.

Also, pictures of her grandfather, who she was extremely close to, were also taken.

“The most important to me was pictures of my grandfather. He was a B-17 test pilot for Boeing. It was a reunion picture with all the pilots,” said McCain.

She is hoping that whoever took those things will just return them, no questions asked.

“Any place that the stuff can be left. I don’t care about the laptop or the identity theft. I just want the stuff that I can’t get back.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the garage where the SUV was parked hoping to get a good description of the suspect (s).