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Scottsdale police use $100K grant to help improve safety for bikers and pedestrians

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Posted at 9:06 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 00:33:50-05

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — The Scottsdale Police Department is making a new push to make streets safer for walkers and people on their bikes. Police are ready to put thousands of dollars to good use.

Whether you're riding a bike or walking around Scottsdale, safety is a big concern for the city.

"I think the safety is quite good. We have enough parks, so we can stay off the highways or main roads,“ said Janice Brown.

As for riding a bike, a woman ABC15 spoke with says more can be done to increase safety for all residents.

"Well, mainly I worry about being hit by a car because not everyone believes in stopping for stop signs for one thing,” said the woman.

Scottsdale police say officers try to look out for all residents.

Since December, officers including Steve Hash have worked more than 120 hours educating people on bicycle and pedestrian safety.

"It's the going out day-to-day, talking with the community, stopping people for violations, and educating them to make them safer,” said Officer Hash.

The Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety awarded the department two grants totaling $100,000 to do just that.

"To make people more aware of these are the violations and you could be cited for them. But, we are out here to educate you and to make sure you are doing things safely, so we don't end with a tragedy of some sort,” added Officer Hash.

Scottsdale police have warned 20 drivers and cited 98 for various violations since December. Officers have also made contact with three bikers for not following the rules.

More than 50 people who were walking have received warnings from the police.

Aside from officers using the grant money to help keep people in Scottsdale stay safe, whether they are riding a bike or walking, police say it is also up to the drivers to do their part.

"Staying off our phones, Zoom calls, FaceTime, and things of that nature while you are driving,” added Officer Hash.