Scottsdale PD: Jailed elderly caregiver's boyfriend continues thefts

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 20:48:46-04

The boyfriend of a woman who was arrested in January for stealing money from the elderly clients she was caring for, has been arrested himself, for cashing fraudulent checks.

Scottsdale police report that 28-year-old Ashlei Nicole Smith was arrested on January 31 for taking more than $133,000 in cash and jewelry from her elderly customers in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Police report that while Smith was in jail she continued to cash in, using her boyfriend, 27-year-old Bryan Scott Gonier, Jr., to continue to cash checks from a Scottsdale victim.

Police say the pair cashed ten checks for about $37,000 early this year.

Some of the checks were cashed by Gonier after receiving instructions from Smith during a jailhouse visit.
Police report that during a recorded visit Smith told Gonier about the passwords needed to access the victim’s account online.

The victim’s family told police that the victim was “old school” and never accessed any accounts online.
Gonier was arrested at his home in Chandler near McClintock Drive and Ray Road.

He has been charged with fraudulent schemes.