Scottsdale officers help teach boy to ride bike

Posted at 11:19 AM, Feb 17, 2016

ABC15 celebrates two police officers that went above and beyond their job descriptions to serve their community and make a dream come true for a Scottsdale child.

The story began a few years ago, when Scottsdale Police Officer Kavon Attapour met Yohan Gharib Nejad, his wife, and their three children several years ago. 

The family is on a tight budget. They cannot afford air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. They do not have a car. Nejad uses a bicycle to get to work, the only way the family has to get around.

Yohan's youngest son, Sam, has wanted a bicycle for the last few years so he could ride around with his dad. Due to finances, Yohan has not been able to buy one.

Officer Attapour turned to a neighborhood friend, Jack Hobbs, for help. He was just the man for the job.

Before retiring, Jack was the owner of Pinnacle Peak Cyclery. He had some medical issues, and now attributes his longevity to staying active and giving back to the community. That includes donating bikes to the homeless, needy children and school employees.

When Officer Attapour contacted Hobbs, he came up with a Spiderman bike, in excellent condition, for police to give to little Sam.

However, as one problem was solved, another one appeared. You see, Sam never owned a bike or ridden one. He did not know how.

Officer Attapour turned to Scottsdale Bike Patrol Officer Christian Bailey. He met Sam at Pima Elementary School to give same his new bike, a helmet and riding lessons.

Ten minutes of training and Sam was off, ready to explore the neighborhood.

Now Sam rides his bike to school with his dad riding right beside him.

All thanks to a top cop, who took the time to make a difference in one boy's life.