Scottsdale matchmaker sees spike in interest due to digital dating

Posted at 10:41 PM, Aug 07, 2017

With 40% of Americans now using some form of online dating, you may think the matchmaking profession is one of the past. However, one Scottsdale matchmaker is seeing a boost in business because of digital dating.

"It's because people get frustrated," explained matchmaker JoAnn Cohen. "They get tired of the surprises, men saying they're are shorter than they are, people using older photos, women being heavier."

Those are just some reasons why men are paying Cohen a small fortune for her services. She has about 1,800 single women in her database.

Cohen does the thorough vetting, expediting the dating process for busy men who only want to worry about "getting to know the match."

"They have to be looking for a serious relationship," Cohen explained. "Even though I am bringing the women to them, they still have to close the deal."

Not only do her clients have to be ready to put in the effort, but must be reasonable.

"If a guy is a three and he wants a ten, I am not a fairy godmother," she said.

As for what women want? Most tell Cohen they're looking for more than a casual relationship.

"It's okay to be single, you don't need somebody to pay your bills," she said. "But we always want someone to greet us at the airport when we arrive, and when the holiday music is playing we don't see ourselves by the tree, we see ourselves with somebody else."