Salt River officer pleads not guilty on kidnapping, sex abuse charges

Posted at 10:57 AM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 13:57:15-04

An officer with the Salt River Police Department has pleaded not guilty on charges of kidnapping and sexual abuse.

Jay Hun Wu was arrested last month in connection with a March incident involving a woman in his custody.

According to Scottsdale police, the woman was with Wu because she was the subject of a criminal investigation. Officer Wu agreed to give the woman a courtesy ride back to her apartment.

The woman told the officer he could drop her off in front of her apartment. Instead, Wu allegedly kept driving and would not let the woman out despite her repeated requests for him to stop, said police.

Instead of dropping her off near Via Linda and Shea Boulevard, he drove to 96th Street and Via Linda--over 2 miles away--and stopped the car next to a wall. Police said he went to the backseat, opened the door, and told the victim he needed to "pat her down" and then touched her chest and buttocks underneath her clothing.

During a "confrontation call" between Wu and the victim organized by Scottsdale police, Wu did not deny the allegations and repeatedly apologized to the victim, court documents show.

Wu faces charges of kidnapping, sexual abuse, unlawful sexual conduct of a peace officer, assault and tampering with physical evidence.

His next court date is set for July 26.