Parties, preaching co-exist in Old Town Scottsdale venue

Posted at 10:23 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 09:49:48-04

The prelude to a routine Friday night party in Old Town Scottsdale came in the form of religion, as a start-up church held its service inside a night club on a block known for partying, not preaching.

"We're all about you being you," said Church Alive Pastor Caleb Konemann.

He and his wife Becky, a co-pastor, held their first service in Livewire in February, Caleb said. The Good Friday service marked their fourth event.

A happy hour patron told a reporter that it would be odd to drop a night club on a road full of churches, and it is
odd to operate a church on a street full of clubs.

A Church Alive attendee, who planned to have drinks after the worship service, disagreed.
"I think Jesus hung out with the sinners and the saints, so it doesn't seem weird to me," said Danielle Scafidi, who
attended the Church Alive service.

A happy hour drunkard would be welcomed, Caleb said.

The Konemanns' idea is to meet churchgoers on their own terms, and not to preach with a "do this, not that" mentality.

The liquor on the wall of Livewire was not served; attendees were instead offered coffee.