1 person injured, 3 dogs dead after bee attack

Posted at 4:44 PM, Mar 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 00:51:11-05

The Scottsdale Fire Department is investigating after a large swarm of bees attacked a person and several animals at a condominium complex. 

The incident happened near 78th Street and McDonald Drive on Sunday afternoon. About 50,000 bees filled the victim's home. 

One person was stung multiple times, the Scottsdale Fire Department said. Three dogs were also stung several times. 

The person who was stung was taken to a hospital for care.

A family friend, Natalie Bendtsen said her friend will remain in a hospital overnight, but it's not known how many times the woman or her animals were stung. 

Five animals, including two cats, were taken to an animal hospital as well, however two dogs passed away from their injuries and a third dog was euthanized. Bendtsen said the two cats were actually unharmed as they hid in a wall space inside the home. 

There were two bee hives in two separate locations at the complex. Firefighters said as they were responding to the call of the bee attack, other neighbors came rushing over to tell them of a second hive where bees were swarming out. 

Both hives were found in hollow spaces in the walls within a condo. 

Bee exterminator RJ Riedlinger says the second hive had about 15,000 bees.

"We busted it open," he said. "I was probably arm's length in, and they were just streaming out."

About 30 firefighters responded to the call -- a response this large was a first for Scottsdale firefighters for this kind of assignment.

"First in crews were using foam to help eliminate the bees, but they were actually putting the foam on themselves to help get the bees off of them," Adam Hoster, a battalion chief with the Scottsdale Fire Department, said.

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