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Peeping Tom caught on camera in Scottsdale

VIDEO: Scottsdale police looking for peeping Tom
Posted at 1:34 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 11:07:59-05

Officials in Scottsdale are asking for the public’s help to find a peeping Tom. 

Scottsdale police said a man has been seen on camera looking into the same woman’s house on at least three occasions. 

The woman who asked to not be identified lives in the area of 68th Street and Indian School Road. She told ABC15 the suspect has peeked into her window several times and caught her in various states of undress. On one occasion she was in her bathtub when the suspect touched himself while looking into her house.  

"I'm terrified," the woman explained. "I live alone. I'm a single woman and knowing that someone is watching me and possibly wants to harm me is really scary." 

The victim believes the suspect has been lurking near her residence, waiting for her to arrive home.  

"I put up security cameras," she said. "I have Mace. I'm considering getting a gun. I'm doing whatever I can to protect myself. It's a very vulnerable, scary feeling." 

Nearby neighbor Jerry Carlson says he is very concerned after learning about the incident. 

"Now that she's told me when I take my daughter for a walk every evening I've always been taking a flashlight and looking down the alleys just to see if I see anything," Carlson said.

A Scottsdale police spokesperson said it's most likely not the suspect's first offense and they're hoping to get him off the street very soon.

Scottsdale police have not reported any other peeping Tom incidents in the area. If you have any information regarding this incident call Scottsdale police at 480-312-5000.

The victim also has a message for the suspect: "You're scaring people and it's not OK. You're a pervert. You're disgusting and you deserve to be caught."


  • Use a dog
  • Lock windows and lock front door 
  • Put extra security on windows such as blinds or shades