Johnson Utilities speaks to ABC15 about high nitrate levels in San Tan Valley drinking water

Posted at 4:34 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 14:44:04-04

People living in San Tan Valley expect clean, safe drinking water. It seems, routinely, there’s been a problem with that.

ABC15 has tried to get answers on camera about the on-going water troubles without success from Johnson Utilities.

On Thursday, ABC15 visited the company’s Scottsdale office. George Johnson, who began the company in 1997, would not speak on camera.

He says Johnson Utilities is a good company, serving thousands of people in San Tan Valley.

He asked that ABC15 submit questions to him in writing and we have.

Those questions surround the growing list of violations on file with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

There’s at least 150 on file. 

"They need to clean up their act, and they need to start letting us service members know what's going on with the water," said Keith Kincheloe, a San Tan Valley resident.

For now, some people are relying on bottled water and avoiding drinks from the tap.

"Here we go again,” said Stephen Milobar, a San Tan Valley Resident. “Is anyone going to help us. Is anyone going to stop this? Because you have residents here paying a lot of money for water we can't even drink," added Milobar.

The Arizona Corporation Commission says they are carefully monitoring the ongoing issues with Johnson Utilities.