Driver beware! Scottsdale cams turning on May 13

Posted at 4:52 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 20:56:02-04

Photo enforcement will be returning to one Valley city later this week.

In a news release sent Monday, the City of Scottsdale said its speed and red light cameras will begin issuing citations again on Friday, May 13. 

The city's photo enforcement program was suspended while the vendor, American Traffic Solutions, received a license as a private investigator in order to comply with an opinion issued by state Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The attorney general's office ruled that all vendors issuing traffic citations must be licensed as private investigators in order to comply with state law.

The city said drivers may see cameras flash before May 13 as the system is returned to service and tested. Citations will not be issued or processed until Friday.

Scottsdale has used photo enforcement since 1996. The current system consists of 18 cameras fixed at intersections and along city streets, two mobile speed-enforcement vans and two portable towers used in school zones.