Groups upset about planned dolphin exhibit in AZ

Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 21:53:04-04

A new movement is trying to keep Dolphins from coming to the desert.

"Hopefully we still have a chance to open dialogue with stakeholders because I think the public is speaking loud and clear about how they feel about this project," said Courtney Vail with Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation is just one of two groups trying to stop the opening of Dolphinaris.

Being built near the intersection of Loop 101 and Via de Ventura, Dolphinaris will give people a chance to swim with Dolphins.

Company officials say the experience is a great way to learn about the animals.

"The mission of Dolphinaris Arizona is to amaze, inspire and empower guests, by encouraging them to become stewards of the oceans and it's inhabitants," said Dolphinaris in a statement.

Opponents say its animal abuse.

"Legal doesn't mean it's ethical. To exploit this sentient beings for our entertainment is something that is old school, said Vail.

Online nearly 100,000 petition have signed a petition to try and stop Dolphinaris from opening.

Company officials say the attraction is set to open in late summer.

In a statement Dolphinaris says they will have full time licensed marine veterinarians on property.

Dolphinaris is being built on the same property as the new OdySea in Desert Aquarium.


Initially between 9 and 12 dolphins will be at the facility. It's unclear where they will be coming from but officials say they have been raised by humans.