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Developer helps Scottsdale family save beloved tree

Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 21:01:44-05

A Valley family learned a life lesson in one of the most unique circumstances.

A special little tree has become a beloved part of the Adelman family in Scottsdale. "It just has so much character," said Melissa Adelman. 

The tree is planted in Melissa and Russel's front yard now, but just a few weeks ago, it stood at the northeast corner of Pinnacle Peak Road and Los Gatos Drive. For three years, the family passed it every day on their way to school - it became part of their routine to acknowledge it, even decorating it for the holidays - but then the family noticed developers were getting ready to make a move. 

"The tree really had its own fate and it wasn't up to us," said Melissa. That's when she wrote a poem and attached it to the tree, even contacting the owners of Camelot Homes. The family's story so moving, Camelot Homes and Berghoff Design Group paid to have that little tree moved to the family's front yard - a life lesson in the making. "That tree persevered through change, alteration, movement and that's life," said Russel.  

"There's a lot of not so good stuff going on around in this world right now," said 12-year-old Remy Adelman. "I think that when you look at this tree and just take a moment and stop, it's a really good sign of hope and love."

So you might just have to look a little bit closer at the simple things for those life changing moments. "It's just a reminder to just pause and just stop and be grateful," said Melissa.