Paradise Valley mom worried after son is deployed following 'mother of all bombs'

Posted at 9:43 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 13:54:45-04

Most of us are watching what is happening around the world from a safe distance. However, for the country's bravest and their families — the danger is up close and personal.

Char Hubble has two sons in the armed forces. Her oldest son is a pilot in the Air Force and will soon be deployed into a Middle East “hot zone.”

"As a mother I am happy for my son, because he is living his dream, although my heart is breaking for him because I am so concerned about what is happening and these hot zones now,” Hubble said.

Hubble’s son will be in the skies above the Middle East and with weapons like “the mother of all bombs” in play the situation is worrisome.

"I thought it was ironic that it was the "mother of all bombs." As a mother, I am concerned that we are using bombs labeled that because mothers really do come from the heart," Hubble said.

Like so many mom’s in her position, Char’s mind can’t help but wonder and worry about her son’s safety.

Many, if not all of their missions, must be kept a secret.

"As the mother of two sons in the military, I try to limit my time in front of the news. Although I force myself to watch it in the morning and at night just to have a sense of what is going on," said Hubble.

Her oldest son is about to leave his wife and 6-month-old son behind for a deployment expected to last up to eight months.

Right now, Hubble is doing her best to follow her son’s orders.

"He's always telling me, 'keep your cool. Don't lose it. You know mom you have to stay together during all of this,' so I am trying to follow his lead," Hubble said.

Hubble says he copes with her son’s serving in the military and in harm’s way by keeping busy. She is currently volunteering as the chairperson for the Phoenix Heart Ball, which raises money to benefit the American Heart Association.