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Paradise Valley considers new sound ordinance

Posted at 6:01 AM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 08:01:16-05

Paradise Valley is looking to get payback from annoying neighbors. The Valley town is looking at an ordinance that would allow its police department to seek reimbursement for having to deal with loud and unruly parties.

If the proposal goes through, it would cost loud neighbors $310 per hour that police are at their place. Paradise Valley police Chief Peter Wingert said it's only fair since just a few houses are sucking up resources in the upscale area. 

"Ongoing parties," said Chief Wingert, describing the main problem. "The neighbors are concerned, obviously, that it affects their quality of life negatively and affects their property values negatively."

Chief Wingers said that unruly parties can take police off the beat for anywhere between one and three hours. 

"I'm a small department. These parties take a lot of manpower to get under control," said Wingert. 

The $310 per hour fee would break down like this: 

  • Two officers at $72 per hour
  • Supervisor at $80 per hour
  • Dispatcher at $37 per hour
  • Police car at $16 per hour

"This is an opportunity to recover some of those costs so the other taxpayers don't have to pay for that additional burden," said Dawn Marie Buckland, Paradise Valley deputy town manager. She said the fee would not make the town any additional money. 

Chief Wingert said it would likely take a couple police visits before any fees start flying. The town council will be discussing the proposal beginning in March.