New app brings chef right into your home kitchen

Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 28, 2017

Imagine your favorite cuisine, with locally grown ingredients and not ever having to leave your couch. That can soon be a reality with the launch of a new farm-to-table food app called Bites.

Bites creator Roza Ferdowsmakan said the goal is to offer a positive, inclusive social media platform that connects the community to culinary talents. 

"The chefs take these raw ingredients into the home of the foodie and they create the whole dining experience from scratch," she explained. 

The chefs set their price, type of food they offer and availability.  

Ferdowsmakan will vet everyone who wants to create a profile to be considered for offering cooking services.

She said anyone can give it a try - from homemaker to culinary students to top certified Valley chefs. 

One professional chef who has already signed on is Alejandro Martinez, who currently works at Lon's at the Hermosa Inn. 

He's looking forward to the human interaction and sharing his skills in a more personal setting. 

"Not many people take the time to enjoy the little things and cooking is one of them," Martinez said. "It's something everybody can actually get on and it's actually very doable." 

The free app will be available to download on September 18