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911 calls released after Paradise Valley Superintendent Dr. Jesse Welsh and family harassed, threatened over school closures

Superintendent Dr. Jesse Welsh
Posted at 5:27 PM, Jan 16, 2021

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ — ABC15 has obtained 911 calls from two separate incidents involving a former Valley superintendent, harassed over in-person learning.

Dr. Jesse Welsh resigned as superintendent of the Paradise Valley School District December 7, after only a year-and-a-half on the job.

Welsh and the district still will not say why he resigned, releasing a joint statement last month that read in part, "After careful consideration over the last few weeks, it has been determined by the PV Schools Governing Board and Superintendent Welsh that it would be in the best interest for PVSchools and Dr. Welsh to separate, effective December 31, 2020."

In the 911 calls from September 3, 2020, and November 21, 2020, Dr. Welsh reports signs left on his property following a demonstration at the district's headquarters, lead by parents wanting in-person learning.

In the second call, he reports a post circulating online with the home addresses for him and other governing board members listed, encouraging people to take pictures and "stalk" them.

Dr. Welsh telling ABC15 Saturday he has nothing else to add at this time.

As part of his release agreement, Dr. Welsh will receive a severance payment of more than $413,000 on January 19. His annual base salary was $195,000.

Welsh was recently named Chief Executive Officer of Nevada State High School.