Valley couple's wedding almost 'Trumped'

Posted at 3:53 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 15:43:18-04

It's one of the most important days in any couples life, their wedding day. 

Kerry Burd and Charley Clemens spent 18 months planning their big day, but there was one small hitch.

Kerry and Charley set their wedding nuptials at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course. Just 500 yards away from where protesters blocked Shea Boulevard in an effort to "Stop Trump" the GOP's leading candidate Donald Trump. 

"I knew there might be problems as soon as I heard the rally was here because there's only one way in on Shea and there had been protests already," Kerry said. "I kind of anticipated the protesters just [because] it’s been happening in other places and since there's only one road in it made me very nervous."

Kerry's fears came true when around 9 a.m. she could see the protest assembling from her home.  

Both bridesmaids and groomsmen were stuck in the sea of traffic during the blockade, unable to make it in to traditionally dress with the bride and groom. 

"I had to dress with my groom because I was afraid if he dressed on the other side of the protest he wouldn't make it back to the wedding," said Burd. 

Then to make matters worse, Sheriff's deputies closed the road sending Kerry out in her robe to reason with deputies to let her bridal party through. It didn't happen. 

"[I] pleaded with them and said, 'hey I planned this wedding a year and a half ago and this event just happens to be the same day as my wedding-- just please make sure that all my guests that came to see me and all my friends could make the wedding because we weren't apart of the rally or the protest,'" Kerry said.

"My photographer was three hours late and our wedding delayed," said Burd.

But the marriage was not. Kerry and Charley tied the knot that day and are now husband and wife.  

In spite of everything their day turned out as beautiful as they had hoped.

"It was wonderful, it just started a little late, I think our guests maybe didn't even notice, but the vows were great. The wedding was great," the couple said.

They now have quite a story to tell their kids, Kerry said.

"We had this nice little wedding planned in our little town of Fountain Hills, and a bigger event came to town and kind of 'Trumped' it."