Injured Marine hikes to see Trump

Posted at 4:31 PM, Mar 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-21 00:13:02-04

Donald Trump protesters didn’t stop the top Republican presidential candidate’s rally in Fountain Hills but they were effective in taking Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s security by surprise and delaying the rally.

“I thought Joe would have a better handle on things, he had a lot of preparation for this, especially after Chicago.” said Casey Ross, a former Marine who found himself hiking on crutches for several miles just to get to the rally. 

“I did the crucible in the Marine Corp, I think I can handle it...people have gone through worse than this just to see their candidate,” said the unshakable Ross.

He was not alone.  

After dozens of Department of Public Services and sheriff squad cars cleared protesters along Shea Boulevard to disperse the block, they then blocked the road with their own cars to make way for Trump’s motorcade.

That left hundreds of supporters with tickets on an unexpected hike through Fountain Hills.

“It’s ridiculous, I mean I understand people being against - that is a right but there's certain ways to do it, they still have laws to follow,” said Trump supporter Jamie Greenberry.

Hundreds had no problem ditching their cars along State Route 87, including late coming protesters like Selina Prince.

“Trumps trying to spread hate, he wants to make America hate again, he wants violence,” said Prince.

The tension was high and nerves on edge, but former Marine Ross took it all in stride, after all the freedom to demonstrate and free speech are among the liberties he fought for and he had no problem hiking for his top candidate.

“Trump's put at risk over half a billion dollars in endorsements and advertising just to say what everybody's thinking and if he's willing to put his own wealth at risk like that, I'm happy to walk three miles just to see this guy,”  said Ross.