Firefighters battle house fire in Cave Creek that burned 5 acres of brush

Posted at 5:14 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 01:25:17-04

A two story home is a complete loss after a fire tonight in Cave Creek.

The Rural Metro Fire Department says the fire started around 4:30 p.m. at the home near Yucca and Spur Cross roads on Thursday.

Air15 video showed fire sprouting from the home's roof sending smoke high into the air. Fire also spread to dry brush and debris near the home, burning about five acres of brush.

Firefighters from Rural Metro, Phoenix and Scottsdale were able to work together to keep the fire from spreading to nearby homes.

Ardith Elmore and Norm Nagel were staying with the homeowner. The group had to get themselves, and their six dogs, out of the burning home.

"I went to the patio and all the ash and stuff was coming down," Elmore said. "I was just shaking afterward."

Nagel called 911 after he heard several big "booms."

"It was a big explosion," Nagel said. "It was like a small bomb and a big fire plume."

Propane tanks and other items on the property lit up as they loaded their dogs into their car.

"I saw it coming close to the car and thought 'Oh my gosh, the car is going to blow up too,'" Elmore said.

Thankfully they were able to get away. The homeowner and two renters who were staying in the barn escaped unharmed as well.

The wind forced evacuations of nearby homes but firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading to the other properties.

So far no injuries have been reported. The cause is still under investigation.

Rural Metro says this is a good reminder for people to create a "defensible space" around your home, clearing dry brush and other things that could help a fire spread quickly. 

Friends of the homeowner tell ABC15 that he does not have home insurance so they're not sure how he will deal with the damage his home sustained.