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Garbage trucks lead birthday parade in Anthem for boy battling terminal Illness

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Posted at 4:59 PM, May 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-23 22:24:37-04

PHOENIX — On Tuesdays, Mateo Deinzer does the same thing.

"Every garbage morning he's up in that window and he's waiting for it, he loves it," said Kevin Deinzer, Mateo's dad.

However this time, Tuesday came on Saturday.

"He has been infatuated with garbage trucks forever," said Deinzer.

So it only made sense that a crew from Republic Services in Anthem help celebrate Mateo's third birthday. They lead a parade of garbage trucks and cars right to the little boy's front door.

"Our guys are essential and today, they felt a little bit like heroes getting to come out and help Mateo celebrate his birthday," said Javara Perrilliat, Southwest Area president for Republic Services.

It was Mateo's first, up-close encounter, complete with a look from the driver's seat and a chance to honk the horn.

"That's his big thing, he's been talking about it all morning," said Deinzer.

Big moments for a family already battling so much. Mateo is fighting a terminal illness, making experiences like this even more precious.

"This is phenomenal," said Deinzer. "I never expected they would, but the fact that they are is just beyond... I'm grateful."