Anthem veteran continuing search for proper location for found Medal of Honor

Posted at 7:51 AM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 10:54:24-04

In a tattered box lies a big mystery.

"To us veterans, this medal is the highest most respected medal ever," says Mary Ann Derryberry with the Daisy Mountain Veterans in Anthem.

It's a Congressional Medal of Honor, normally given to soldiers for their bravery. But this medal doesn't have name inscribed on it. There's no owner. 

"So here I am - trying to find someone to help me," says Derryberry, who is a veteran herself.

About five years ago, the medal was dropped off at their post. It wasn't until recently they figured out the medal might have been sold Illegally back in the 1990s before it was ever assigned to a soldier.

"How could anybody do that? How disrespectful," remarked Derryberry. "It's just a real slap in the face to a veteran." 

So for several years now Derryberry has been trying to track down where the medal should go. She has called and wrote just about everybody who might be able to help. It hasn't worked.

Now, she's hoping it won't be too much longer before something so precious will be in the right hands. 

"It needs to be in a place of honor," says Derryberry. "That's our goal. I'm sticking to it."