Sanders, Trump owe city of Tucson money

Posted at 5:08 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 22:03:37-04

Two presidential campaigns owe the city of Tucson a lot of money.

Between them, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's campaigns owe the city more than $125,000 for police protection for their campaign stops in March. 

The Trump campaign used more police so it has the bigger bill for police, almost twice the amount that Sanders owes. 

The Tucson City Manager's office says the Trump campaign owes $81,837.

The Sanders campaign ran up a bill for police protection that totals $44,013.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared at a smaller event in support of his wife in Tucson. His team used 23 officers for a bill that totaled $7,312.

The Sanders and Trump campaigns ran up bills at the Tucson Convention Center for hall rental and services like catering and audio-visual work. Those bills were paid because the TCC does require a credit card up front.

It's not clear when the campaigns will pay for the police protection they received months ago. 

The Phoenix Police Department told ABC15 that there are no outstanding bills owed to Phoenix police by any campaigns that appeared in the Valley, which includes both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.